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NIV Proverbs
NIV Psalms
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Ancient Rome
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Rules of Civility
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I appreciate the many encouraging comments sent by my Customers!


"This is an organizational dream come true! Thank you for sharing."  Madison T-A  (referring to my Home School Page)

"I really love your cursive copywork books. Thank you for sharing the free samples. They got us hooked!  :)"  Amy in OH

"We are loving your copywork!! We use the Modern Cursive and my boys are turning out beautiful handwriting!! I absolutely LOVE the Rules of Civility!! I have three boys and it is perfect for them!! Thanks for digging into our history. We are doing American History and Geography this year and we have your States and Capitals, too!! Can't wait to see what you have next!! " 
Fern in CO

"Your copycat work is perfect for my 3rd graders! My students love copying the interesting information related to their studies in their new handwriting! I have already shown your work to my coworker."
   Heidi in VA

We discovered your products when I went looking for Washington's Rules of Civility. Love your work!" 
 Heather in OH

you so much for offering an updated version of the Rules of Civility. We went to Mount Vernon in October where we were first introduced to this list. Several weeks later, Mount Vernon sent a survey to vote on our favorite rule. I read through all of them and I very much wanted my daughter (age 11) to read and study these rules, but the English was so outdated that I was afraid to reinforce bad habits. We will enjoy discussing each one as we work through the copywork. I appreciate the time you have taken to create tools that I can use in my homeschool program."   Christina in MD

"Your customer service has been superb. :) I will be liking your FB page and sharing your website with my other homeschool friends. I will likely be in touch in the months to come for some additional ebooks!"   Megan in PA

"Thank you Rhonda for adding HWT cursive. This is good timing for us on the Bill of Rights and we will start on these next week! We have enjoyed both the free and purchased Copycat books for several years and I recommend them to others as often as possible!"    Michelle in IN

"I love these sheets for all my kids, ranging from K - 5."    Jackie in VA

"Thank you so much for all the work you have put in for each of the e-books. They have been such a blessing as we homeschool! I recently spoke with a whole group of new homeschool moms at our church and shared with them your website and materials and encouraged them to use the resources. It is so worth the $5!"    Bethany in TX

"Love your materials! LOVE the fun sayings & beautiful too!"    Leslie in WA

"Your free pages have really blessed our family in the last month or so, especially our ten year old son. Thank you for being so generous. Someday, I hope to purchase
some of your history titles. They look wonderful. I have home schooled for over 28 years now with 11 more years to go (we have a large family). I have tried the
workbooks and no workbooks approach, everything, with this particular child (every child is so different!). We started with your Presidents pages and have been working
our way through your free pages and his confidence has finally been buoyed up - one printed off sheet at a time! There is something about "copying things" that a child is
really interested in versus the old thick workbooks. (My son has memorized the presidents and their time periods - all on his own - out of his own desire - so you can see
why the Presidents pages were a big hit to start with!) Lest I forget - one more positive to Copycat Books - "printing off" pages is so much more freeing to a mom, too.
There really is no "getting behind" with PDF pages, that you "choose" to print or not print - unlike those pre-printed expensive workbooks that force you to use them
because you paid so much for them -ha! I hate wasting time with my children on fluffy things. Time is so short and I want even the words they copy to be worthwhile. We
really like your Italic, especially with boys."   Jane in Iowa

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful freebies. This resource has saved me a lot of time."   Tara in Hawaii

"Thank you for your hard work and sharing free printables."   Jennifer in IN

"Thank you SO much for the high school transcript page! I plan on using it next year. Very simple and easy to update."   
Heather in VA

"I look forward to having my children use your copywork sheets! I'm so glad I found them!"  
Kym in ID

"I want to thank you for the work you have put into the Italics copy books as it saves me time and also they are normally hard to even find."   Kim in Canada

"I was so happy to see your books! It's very hard to find cursive books that are beyond the A-B-C's!"    Reneke in New Zealand

"Thank you SO much! Such a timely blessing for my preschooler that is wanting to learn to write her letters! Appreciate you! Let me know what you have coming up so I can be ready."
SJ in TX

"I just want to thank you for putting this together and making it available in Italic. This is something I have tried to do with my kids each year but couldn't find it in Italic. I could've made my own, but the program I have made the punctuation marks in the wrong place and at the end of the week it was just something that didn't get done. You have made life much easier for us when it comes to copy work! I also want to thank you for making your e-books a more than fair price."     Cindy in TN

"I think you have a great product. It's exactly what I think will help my boys. Thanks!"    Stephanie in KY

"I was very glad to find your site. Was looking for NIV copywork."    Daun in MO

"Your printables are really cool."    Allison in KY

"I ordered the cursive Proverbs 31 e-book tonight. It looks excellent and will lessen my copywork preparation - woohoo! I'm printing out all the pages now so I can put them in a binder, ready to go. I'm excited to have a 'starting place'. I've talked about doing copywork for years, but always got side-tracked in the planning - you've fixed that problem for me! Thanks!"    Jaymi in KY

"I'm sure mom will enjoy those neatly written verses : )

The girls will like how pretty it looks

The boys will endure!"     Freida in TN

"I've been looking for a couple of years for a cursive program that teaches the formation of the letters how
you teach it and am very glad to have found you."    Linda in WA

"Your writing pages are great practice for my special needs kids!! I love the ability to work into the cursive by
going through the manuscript fonts and then the cursive fonts. I start with the standard manuscript font,
work through all 3 of those and then through the 3 cursive fonts. It's gradual and not overwhelming to them
because you space out the words well and the page isn't too busy with too much info or pictures."    Erika in CA

"The book is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for. I am sure I will be ordering more from you in the future."    Ann in CA

"Thank you for providing such lovely copy work for the children to do."    Samantha in Tasmania

"Thank you for such a great resource!"    Carol in FL

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your resources! Do you have any plans on doing early modern or modern history? I
homeschool my 8 year old son. We are classical homeschoolers. Thank you SO much!"    Lexi in VA

"We have enjoyed your freebies, and are ready for more."    Susan in AL

"I love your website and truly appreciate you making my homeschooling life much easier! So glad you have
italics copy work! We use Getty and Dubay."    Heather in VA

"Love your resources!"    Melissa in OH

"First let me say that I am so happy that I found your website. You are a blessing! Penmanship is my son's
weakest subject...but not for long :-) Can't wait for more titles from Copycat Books!"    Mike in CA

"Thanks so much for putting these together. It is so difficult to find quality copybook material for our home
school. I am interested especially in anything inspiring from the KJV (Hebrew Bible)--Ten Commandments,
Isaiah, Job... or classic and historical literature (e. g., Washington, Jefferson, Churchill, etc.) in Traditional
cursive. I am going to order an e-book. I hope you'll include more of these--or (better!) create a hard-copy
workbook we can order. I'd like my girls to learn something that will contribute to their cultural literacy."    Diana in MD

"You are a blessing to me and my little girl. We are looking forward to learning so much through your
copywork!"    Robin in TX

"I felt like your things were killing 2 birds with one stone! Actually 4 or 5 birds! I love when I can combine
things because my time is very limited! We just started the middle ages in our history lessons. So I was really
excited when I found this."    Tara in OH

"I am very excited to use your copywork books in Italic. There aren't many out there, and I love your clean
format, and the topics you've chosen."    Katrina in AK

"I think you have a really great product. Keep up the good work! I especially appreciate how you can
incorporate the Copycat exercises into your historical studies."    Kari in FL




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