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Manuscript Titles
NIV Psalms
The Basics
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Cursive Titles
KJV Proverbs
NIV Proverbs
NIV Psalms
NIV Philippians
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Middle Ages
The Renaissance
Rules of Civility
FREE Cursive Printables


Rhonda Roso, the developer of Copycat Books, homeschooled her twin boys all twelve years and both are now in graduate school. Having seen firsthand the educational benefits of daily copywork lessons, Rhonda decided to compile a variety of copywork lessons in the form of e-books and make them available to others.

Rhonda, born and raised in Kentucky, graduated from Murray State University in 1981 with an Associate’s Degree in Drafting and Design Technology with a minor emphasis in Art. For several years she worked in industry in the areas of manual drafting, computer aided drafting, and desktop publishing. She served four years as Secretary and Board Member of her local homeschool support group. Rhonda's interests include chalkboard art, needlework design, gardening, nature walks, photography, and taking care of her two kitty-cats... with CC being the official Copycat Books mascot, even though she has yet to master holding a pencil correctly.

Rhonda’s goal for Copycat Books is to provide wholesome educational materials for children and to provide practical and economical resources for busy parents and teachers.

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Home | About Copywork | Using e-books | Manuscript | Cursive


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